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    Welcome to Gurukul School of Nursing
    To keep pace with the technological demands of industry and expanding universe of knowledge.
    To produce skilled manpower at international level.
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    "Education is the most powerfull weapon which you can use to change the world."
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Preparing students for the role of future Nurse, leaders who inturn are loyal to the health profession.

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The library is fully digitalised with open access system, reprographic facilities and the internet and is open to the students...

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Teaching staff who are well qualified, with considerable academic and industrial experience.

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About Our Gurukul School of Nursing

The Gurukul School of Nursing provides support for nurses while contributing to the creation of a better health care system for all Indians. At the Gurukul School of Nursing , the process of learning involves student teacher partnership in meeting students and program goals. The faculty provides learning opportunities and guidance appropriate to professional growth.

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