About us

College engage in collaborative planning and consultation with the stakeholders of society, on implementing transformative processes to enhance efficiency and meet the needs of the students community regarding placements.

We strengthen and intensify the culture of scholarship among education faculty and build up the spirit of teamwork and collaboration with colleagues from diverse areas of specialization across the campus as well as the state. Gurukul School of Nursing aspires to be a leading institution in the country offering quality ..........

Our Mission

"Our Mission is to bring health care of International standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity".

Our Vision

We aim to deliver high quality comprehensive health care services with excellence,competence and compassion. Gurukul of Nursing also places a lot of importance on creating a supportive environment for its patients, employees and staff.

Core Values of the institute :

1.Giving highest priority to medical education and nursing.

2.Placing the liberal arts and sciences at the center of nursing education.

3.Stressing critical thinking, communication, and technological competence as essential skills.

4.Fostering intellectual growth, ethical maturity, and civic responsibility.

5.Responding to the individual needs of an increasingly diverse student population.

6.Preparing students for an increasingly diverse society and global economy.

7.Emphasizing service as an integral part of nursing and life-long learning.